The Skin Bureau is looking for Regional Distributors that are capable of marketing and distributing all TSB Skincare products within their region. Regional Distributors are also in charge of handling all City Distributors within their area.

Regional Distributorship Advantages

-Each Regional Distributor will have an access to the latest updates and promos through an exclusive group

-All photos and videos of products are readily available through TSB’s Gdrive

-Trainings and seminars will be provided to be well equipped with everything you need to know.

-Unlimited business consultation

-Get 45% off the retail price

-Have 1 City Distributor per area within your region

-No quota for the first month

-Market TSB products through your physical store or through social media

Regional Distributor's Responsibility

-Look for City Distributors to fill in your area

-Reach a monthly quota of PHP100,000

Regional Distributorship's Validity

The validity of Regional Distributorship is one (1) year. Contracts are renewable upon the discretion of both parties.

Buy Regional Distributor Membership

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Mila Kunit

Certified Products

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We Deal With Various Quality Organic Products!

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