KEY Glutathione is a powerful supplement housing Sakura Extract, L-Glutathione, non-acidic Vitamin C, and a lot more to whiten the skin and reverse signs of aging while boosting immune system.



The Skin Bureau KEY Glutathione with Sakura Extract. The most advanced Glutathione capsule with pearl film coating technology. It contains the powerful Cherry Blossom Extract from Japan with the purest whitening that improves UNEVEN SKIN TONE, SAGGING, FRECKLES, DULL SKIN, DRY SKIN and other skin problems caused by sunrays, stress and pollution.


✔ Achieve fair and glowing skin

✔ Slow down the process of aging

✔ Good source of anti-oxidant

✔ Reduces stress and joint discomfort

✔ Participates in immune functions

✔ Improves quality of sleep

✔ Detoxifies liver and cells

✔ Increases body energy


L-Glutathione Sodium Ascorbate N-Acetyl Cysteine Alpha Lipoic Acid Collagen Lycopene Extract Sakura Extract


Take one (1) to two (2) capsules daily 30 minutes before meal.


Consult your doctor if you are pregnant and/or lactating, has health problems under medication or allergic to any medicine including dietary supplements, before taking this product. Keep out reach of children.


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