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Be an exclusive dealer with the #1 skincare brand!

The Skin Bureau is looking for exclusive dealers that are capable of handling and catering all orders and transactions of our reseller in their area.

Each dealer will have an access to our latest updates through an exclusive group. All photos and contents will be provided by the Head Office. In case of any problems, we will guide them accordingly.

Dealers can avail up to 35% discount on every purchase. Discount will be automatically implemented once deal is closed.

Can I have Resellers?

- Of course! Dealers are encouraged to have their own resellers who will then push and sell The Skin Bureau products.

How many Resellers can I have?

- Number of resellers will depend on the population of the area the dealer is holding. But as a starting dealer, our minimum reseller per dealer is two (2) so as not to compromise each reseller.

Where can I market my products?

- Dealers may market their products online or thru their physical store.

Do I have a monthly quota?

- Yes, a monthly quota of Php10,000 will start on your second month. Below quota purchase for 1 to 2 months means warning and below quota purchase for 3 consecutive months will automatically revoke your dealership rights upon notice from the Head Office

Dealership’s validity

- The validity of your dealership is one (1) year. Contracts are renewable upon discretion of both parties.

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