About us




Being able to adapt to the changing needs of men and women alike, Skinbureau Skin Care Enterprises is on the constant hunt for product innovation that is both appealing and applicable to all skin types, all gender, and all ages. Thus, The Skin Bureau Skin Care brand was born.

Staying true to its promise, The Skin Bureau aims to produce results without the need of politics—results that are true enough to empower one’s self through continuous usage of the products. Ranging from soaps to serum, these products do not only correct
skin imperfections, but also solve skin problems as they are infused with rich vitamins for a healthier-looking supple skin that is specially formulated to be gentle yet effective.

Up to date, The Skin Bureau has established a reputation like no other. A reputation that does not only cater to the needs of its market, but also establishes self-confidence as it empowers both men and women to activate and promote self-acceptance, while in the process of self-discovery.


A nurse in profession and a businessman at heart, the owner started
conceptualizing The Skin Bureau in the year 2015, fueled by the passion to create products that will not only address the skin problems of the people, but more so to instill self-love through the process of self-improvement.

Launched last June 2017, The Skin Bureau, however, started introducing its products to the Philippine market on January 2018 being positioned as an entity with toughness while incorporating a touch of femininity on the side.

After years of extensive research and development, the owner finally
decided to put up his own skin care brand which aims to give its customers a product with a distinctive element to cut the edge among the existing skin care brands in the Philippines. What makes it more interesting is its main focus to empower both men and women equally alike, aiming to boost their potentials in creating the best out of themselves.



The Skin Bureau adheres to its promise of producing results without the need of politics while satisfying the necessities of its customers through constant development of products with distinctive elements in order to address each skin concern.


The Skin Bureau envisions to be the top-tier of its class, being the top of mind choice of people in terms of their skin care needs.


The Skin Bureau ensures profitability to sustain its position in the
industry, while delivers an excellent relationship with its customers.


Elite Business and Leadership Award is an independent award giving entity that recognizes company's achievements in their chosen field. The Skin Bureau was awarded by Elite Business and Leadership Award last December 06, 2018 as a Premiere Skincare Provider.