5 reasons to start using eye serum now

You may be wondering if under eye serum is worth the splurge. Do you really need to incorporate it into your daily skin care routine? After all, a little concealer can go a long way when attempting to camouflage those dark circles under your eyes. But under eye serum is a mandatory addition to your skin care regimen. This multi-purpose skin care essential has quite a few noteworthy uses you may have not yet considered.

1. Under eye serum minimizes the look of dark circles

Yes, one of the well-known uses for under eye serum is to help mask those dark under eye circles that can make you look up to 10 years older. Pesky concerns like unwanted dark circles and puffiness around the eye occur because the skin below the eye is so thin it actually shows the blood pumping around the eye. Puffiness further exacerbates this. That is the reason why as early as now, you’ll need an effective product to help brighten and de-puff the area around the eye, especially if you are always sleep deprived.

2. Under eye serum reduces wrinkles

There are various factors which contribute towards fine lines and wrinkles especially in the eye area, but the most common causes are prolonged sun exposure, tugging at the skin when removing makeup, not moisturizing the eye area regularly, and rubbing at the eyes when they become itchy. Luckily, using an under eye serum can help reduce the consequences of these habits. With regular use, it can keep your skin looking youthful, as it also helps prevent wrinkles in the long run.

3. Under eye serum preps your skin for makeup

While there are plenty of products that can prep your skin for your daily makeup routine, under eye cream is one that most people overlook. With its firming and smoothing qualities, it has the power to make all the difference in how your makeup applies and wears throughout the day. Using an under eye cream helps lift the upper eye area allowing your entire eye to be wrinkle, puff and sag-free for your makeup application. And with the reduction of wrinkles, you won’t have to worry about products creasing or applying unevenly.

4. Under eye serum helps hydrate the skin under your eyes

Here’s an unsettling thought: the skin around the eye loses moisture around 50% faster than the rest of your face, so it’s actually the driest area of your face. With that said, it is important that you keep it hydrated and moisturized at all times by using an under eye serum that focuses on skin hydration and cell turnover.

5. Under eye serum combats aging

Again, under eye skin is the first area on your face that shows signs of aging. A good night’s sleep and continued use of eye serum are one of best ways to ensure bright, revitalized eye appearance that contribute to your everyday glowing look. A great product to try is The Skin Bureau’s Eyeconic Lift Eye and Face Serum, a dual-action solution which can be used on both your eyes and face. This highly-raved product is packed with powerhouse ingredients including Ginseng Callus Stem Cell and Tea Trea extract which visibly tighten, brighten, and firm skin especially around the delicate areas of the eye. Moreover, this paraben-free and blemish-fighting product is intended to diminish existing blemishes without the adverse effect of overly stripping oils from the skin’s surface—leaving skin clear, smooth, and lifted.

Dreaming of bright, flawless eyes and face? They’re in your sights with The Skin Bureau’s Eyeconic Lift Eye and Face Serum! Order yours now!